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As a psychologist, my aim is to provide you insightful conceptualizations about your presenting problems with empathy and expediently, so you and I together can identify problems patterns and possible solutions.   All life events impact us on multiple levels.  It is my opinion that as people we must discuss the events that cause us problems, otherwise more problems emerge.  We must look squarely at them with help so we can move forward and change. 

Change alters what once was; noun, verb, or object, change is an expected or unexpected event that ruptures a cycle of stability and creates patterns and sequelae all its' own. In short, some might say, "Things have changed".  I help people take their changes and make them work out the best they can.


Change alters us on multiple levels inside and out.  Our thoughts, our feelings, our behaviors.  Our beliefs, our outlook, and our anticipations. 

Change affects us: physically, psychologically, socially, spiritually, financially, interpersonally, intrapsychically and world-wide. 


Change knows no prejudice.


Our selves, our bodies, our minds, our families, our communities, our countries, and our world deal with change.  


Large and small, change occurs constantly. 


We always make sense of change somehow once we admit it.  We create a narrative.

Each of us has been through changes.  And each of us has consciously or unconsciously responded in thought, action, and behavior in an effort to manage these events.  We are people who need to make sense of our worlds. 

Through the goal-directed shaping of change, we can create a narrative that makes sense, improve your functioning, learn to accept and understand your feelings, and take action to create virtuous patterns of living.  


As a doctor with experience working in every type of clinic that exists with many common and uncommon situations, I look forward to helping you work to respond to and bring about change in your world.


Change problems and events are my specialty.  Your issues are exceptionally specific and expressly complex.  Change affects and effects people differently. Change looks different for everyone.  Our perspective and perception is everything and it must be accurate and brilliantly analyzed.  Sometimes we act to bring about a change, and sometimes it is thrust upon us.  Either way, we are truly compelled to respond in thought, feeling, and action.  Some of us stop and think, some of us spur into action, some of us feel, stop then freeze, and some of us deny, rationalize, and defer.   


When change occurs, we tend to follow well-meaning yet familiar (old) patterns that have worked before. Sometimes this helps, and sometimes it digs us deeper into the problem pattern.  


Whether we are swept up by the inaction of our "freeze response", are compelled to live in denial, or are stung into a frenzy, we can all count on change.  We are often best helped by accepting the facts about what is happening, envisioning what we'd like to see happen, and figuring how to use the events of change to work in our favor.  Virtuous change and patterns can emerge from vicious cycles.  

I can help you uncover your problem-patterns and create viable solutions via creative strategies, the latest research, and personalized interventions directly related to your issues and current state.By establishing new actions we create new outcomes, and from new outcomes better lives and a higher level of functioning can merge.

As an expert psychologist and consultant in diverse areas who has helped many people respond to familiar and unfamiliar changes in effort to create desired outcomes, I look forward to helping you.  Depressed or distressed, excited or exhausted, having a supportive, empathic, and strong psychologist you can count can truly change the course of what happens in the face of change.  


We can shape change in a positive, virtuous, and hopeful direction.  We can be smart, accurate, and empathic as we learn to understand and make sense of it all.


We can deny change or shape it.  We can ignore change or shift it in our favor. We can announce ourselves victims or proclaim ourselves survivors. It's really our choice. And while we may not choose what happens to us in life, we can choose how we handle it.  Our thoughts, behaviors, feelings, beliefs, cultures, religions, and life experiences all play integral parts in how we survive and create our own personal happiness.


I wrote about my specialty area, change, in my doctoral dissertation on homicide loss, helping communities respond to tragedy and loss.    


Life is about change. 

I practice from an integrative theoretical orientation, using psychodynamic, brief solution-focused, cognitive-behavioral, dialectical-behavioral and process-based frameworks.  I come from a problem-solving background that prevents us from becoming a part of whatever problem pattern exists in your situation.


My expertise in diversity issues makes me a great fit for those who struggle to be understood via historically-based frameworks. You and I will collaborate to engender positive change. 

© 2023 by Dr. Art Bowler, Psy.D.

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