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In my practice I aim to help people and groups change quickly and fluidly. I established my own practice in 2002 with a strategic understanding of how to create and facilitate change in order to help my clients reach their treatment goals. I believe large scale solutions can emerge from small scale enterprises.

In my personal life, I have always been an empathic person, and becoming a doctor of psychology and clinical psychologist was a natural progression for me.  Beginning my doctorate at twenty-one and earning it by twenty-five, I learned early and honed my passion for helping people better themselves through the art and science of psychotherapy via empirically proven and clinically mastered psychological practices.  In being licensed for over twenty years and working in field for about thirty, I have been rewarded both personally and professionally.  I have practiced in private practice, community clinics, university counseling centers, inpatient treatment centers, residential recovery settings, nursing homes, and substance use disorder and obesity inpatient rehabilitation centers and have trained countless clinicians through my writings and presentations.  I love this field.

Along the way, I have cultivated my many other interests: my passions for piano, acting, singing, and songwriting.  I am a musician and have published several compositions on Spotify, iTunes, and other digital arenas.  Being a member of the Screen Actors Guild since 1999 is one of my proudest achievements. I come from a loving Italian/German/Irish family in New York and love to spend time with them as well.

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